Purchase made at @BestBuy on November 22. Estimated arrival: December 6. Then December 9. Then December 13. Then December 16. This is fun.

And right before the holidays.

Hey, @united, is your site down? I've been trying to book a flight for the last 30 minutes. Keep getting error message at purchase.

And did he recently become the Lord of the North?

There's...a good time to be smacked by an 18-wheeler?

This #DALvsGB game isn't what I'd hoped it would be. #GoPackGo

Popovich/Duncan 2020. 🇺🇸 #GoSpursGo

It's an election year; there are more entertainment options available than ever before; and the quality of @NFL gam…

Joke 'em if you got 'em.

Take all of my money.

So @Apple ditched the analog phone jack. It's 2016! Where's the outrage that Back to the Future's hoverboards *still* aren't a reality?

So where's the OITNB/The Night Of crossover where Freddy gets temporarily housed at Litchfield?

Remember, kids: The left lane is for passing.

Right. Obviously. What I'm saying is: If a flight's not full, let me pay $25 to have an empty seat next to me.

Most of the upgrades airlines offer are worthless—but I'd pay to keep the seat next to me empty.

My super power is always managing to nick myself while shaving on days I'm set to speak before a group of people.

You two get a room already.

I wish I looked that rusty.

No one gets lucky 'til luck comes along.

And I turned 30, so all of you get off my lawn.

Not yet not yet not yet

KD to the Warriors. Damn.

When it comes to Designated Survivor, which is more unbelievable: the premise—or those glasses?

Man. #Game7 or #BattleOfTheBastards? It's gotta be the basketball game, right?

And in a stunning turn of events, @Lin_Manuel now leads in delegates in BOTH major parties. What a success story, this @HamiltonMusical!

The Cavs are doing a great job considering LeBron's not playing.

A thing I did not know until just now: Steph Curry is the fifth-highest paid player on the Warriors.


For my money, there's little real estate more valuable than a window seat at Brewski's on a sunny afternoon.

Breakfast at Wesner's in Rogers. #TheCoffeesAlwaysOn

Hey, @mediatemplehelp: I can't log in to Account Center.

Klay Thompson. Unbelievable. #GSvsOKC

Really hope that wasn't it for Duncan. #GoSpursGo

Friday night.

Yesterday, quantum computing; today, prostate health. This guy....

Long-distance selfie.

That's a lot of @lost40beer at my neighborhood @Walmart.

For my birthday, my wife gave me a six-pack of beer and a box of those little, powdered donuts. She gets me.


Worst inside joke: "Sleep when they sleep."

The whole thing sounds like a John le Carré novel.

Fired up the grill for the first time in 2016.

Ex Machina and Fury Road were both fantastic.

Richonne? Mick? #TheWalkingDead

Well. That was intense. #TheWalkingDead

Same here. I'm swamped.

Gary Kubiak, fired by the Texans a year ago, is now a Super Bowl-winning coach. Gary. Kubiak.

The chili making begins. Nurse, hand me my beer.

Welp. There goes my weekend.

Four shootings and three homicides in our state's capital today. Five homicides in January. When can we move the Capitol to #NWArk?

Four shootings in less than 24 hours in Little Rock.

Gary Kubiak 1, Bill Belichick 0. Unbelievable. #NEvsDEN

Well played, Chicken Parm. Well played. #NEvsDEN


Brady. Manning. Another conference championship and a Super Bowl appearance on the line. Enjoy this, America. #NEvsDEN

Why do I get the feeling she'll appoint Bill to whichever ambassadorship is farthest from Washington? #DemDebate

Rodgers! Janis! #GoPackGo

"The beautiful bearded vulture feeds almost exclusively on [bone] fragments, swallowing bones whole when possible."

I hate Alabama, but I'm an SEC guy. #RollTide

This game has been so dull except for the moments where it's been great. #NationalChampionship

And the reverse jinx worked! #GoPackGo

Such a weird season. The Packers trail 11-0. Eleven. To nothing. In DC. #GoPackGo

Three road teams (KC, PIT, SEA) have won, which means, I predict, that my Packers are going to lose on the road to the DC Grudens.

I already won the lottery. The middle seat next to me on this crowded flight is empty.

This #PITvsCIN game, man. Oof.

Former Razorback Knile Davis with a one-hundred-six-yard kickoff return to open the game. #KCvsHOU

Rough estimate of the number of people at @arsagasdepot right now: all of Fayetteville.

So Pataki ends his bid, reminding many that he'd still been in the race until today.

"Let's talk about what was talked about in the Green Bay locker room." Joe Buck must be trolling @BillSimmons.

East Texas is under a blizzard warning. West Texas is under a tornado warning. This is insane.

Christmas Eve.

The postman is wearing shorts.

Gas for $1.54 in Springdale. Thanks a lot, Obama.

I think we all could have predicted back in April that tonight's #DETvsNO game would be awful.

Winter begins tonight. Christmas is just four days away. And I'm wearing short sleeves outside.

The Cream Stout by @ozarkbeer is just so good. Enjoying a cold one while watching the #DALvsGB game.

Lack of Food Proven to Cause Hunger. RT @Fox24News: Lack of Sleep Proven to Cause Fatigue - Story | NWAHomepage

Just caught the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on TV. Classic. Thank God they never ruined the trilogy with a fourth film.

So I really want to see a Gila monster.

I'm taking the loss of Jose's somewhat harder than I'd have imagined.

Gas for a buck sixty-two in Rogers. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Favre's first complete pass as a Packer was to himself:

Okay. The Starr-Favre hug got me.

One of my favorite Favre games: #BrettFavre #GBvsCHI

I remember thinking: I'd hate to be the guy that has to follow Brett Favre.

Internal conflict: Excited about both all the football today and the trailers for #ConcussionMovie airing during the games.

I know the Cowboys are a better team with Romo, but Carolina (10-0) getting a point on the road against Dallas (3-7) is kinda dumb, right?

So where's Chip Kelly gonna coach next year?

Crosby, man. #GBvsMIN #GoPackGo

In short: Don't get too excited. MT @voxdotcom: Five things to know about Democrats' stunning win in Louisiana

The @ozarkbeer APA is just so good.

Amazing. RT @nytimes: Democrat wins Mississippi House race after drawing straw

Gas for $1.68 in Springdale. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Love or hate 'em, a really good read. MT @washingtonpost: 41 years. $3 billion. Inside the Clinton donor network.

Post-#ARleg plan. RT @washingtonpost: If you can drink beer and run fast, maybe you could land a Brooks shoe deal

Gas for $1.75 in Bentonville. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Read a book review on Sunday. Emailed Lisa at @nightbirdbooks on Monday. Picked up the book today. Reading it now. #ShopLocal

Lawyers. Fleece. There's a joke here, I just know it. Just give me a second....

Guess I'm glad I haven't been able to watch the #GBvsCAR game. Let's get the #Packers back to Lambeau.

Agreed. Amazing. RT @AndyDavis_AR: I love the call for 2 to win. Killer. #WPS

So when Governor Huckabee filed for president here in Arkansas the other day, he basically lit $25,000 on fire, right?

Well, the damn goat died. #TheWalkingDead

Tonight: #GBvsDEN, the #Royals possibly winning the #WorldSeries, and a ninety-minute #TheWalkingDead. You're off to a good start, November.

Man. Pour a little out for @Grantland33.

Well. That sucked. #TWD


This #NEvsIND game isn't going as I'd predicted....

Undefeated heading into their bye. #GoPackGo

This #SDvsGB game is way too close for my liking. #GoPackGo

Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL. Perfect.

I'm not sure how many bachelorette parties there are roaming downtown #Nashville right now, but I'm guessing it's all of them.

Yep. MT @MaxEhrenfreund: Hillary Clinton was right: The economy has done better under Democrats

Realized just now I've only got one beer in the house for this #DemDebate. Probably a mistake.

This @packers defense, man. #STLvsGB

It's always fun. Headed home now.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Coolest/dumbest thing I've ever done?

The Statue of Liberty is always smaller than I remember.

Grabbing a pint at Fraunces Tavern. Opened in 1762, this is where Washington bid farewell to his troops after the revolution.

You're Group 17 to board. You're in the middle seat on row 97. Lose two turns.

Arrive fifteen minutes early. Spend fifteen minutes parked on the tarmac, because your gate is occupied. Lose a turn.

Beer, provisions, and campsite secured. See y'all Monday.

MT @JustinWolfers: Don't get lost in jobs report gloom. 1) Unemployment is down to 5.1; 2) Employment growth around 150k will lower it more.

Yep. MT @packers: "We're all witnessing something special." James Jones on playing with Aaron Rodgers:

Bill Simmons is back tomorrow! @billsimmons is back tomorrow! Bill Simmons is back tomorrow! #BillSimmons

Had a fun evening at @crystalbridges.

Finally made it to @crystalbridges for the Warhol and Wyeth exhibit—and I've got the cutest tour guide in the building.

Interesting read. MT @GallupNews: Fewer in US Want Government to Promote Traditional Values

Um. Come again? RT @BaldwinAR: All political capital is stored in Jonesboro. #arkdems

You should absolutely plan to attend this year's @KomenOzark #PinkRibbon Luncheon in Springdale: #KomenOzark

A blood-red, totaled Eclipse. Big deal.

Beautiful morning for a run. A stress fracture limited my training, but I'm still ready for the #HeroHalfMarathon on October 10.

Listening to Speaker Boehner talk with @johndickerson on Face the Nation. Great interview.

Gas for $1.89 in Springdale. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Agreed. MT @johnbrummett: Dear libs: Quit celebrating. Boehner news bad. Much more excrement hitting bigger, faster fan.

It's Friday. It's 5:04 PM. And the fastest-growing industry in #NWArk is local craft beer.

MT @QuorumAnalytics: Boehner has had 15.4% of his bills enacted since being elected in 1991—second-highest of those who served as long.

MT @JohnJHarwood: Trump's rise, Boehner's fall reflect strain at seams of modern GOP. Far more important to '16 race than Hillary's email.

On @Morning_Joe just now, former Governor Rick Perry commented on the beautiful "sunset" over Austin. And they're live.

Reaching that point when

An Act to Extend the Season of Summer; to Declare an Emergency; and for Other Purposes

"I fought you, I lost, I had a drink, I took a shower. 'Cause that's how it is in the NBA."

#Packers looking gooood so far. #GoPackGo #SEAvsGB

And just like that, Sundays were full of football again.

A proper start to the weekend.

Peach Sriracha Jam Test Batch No. 1 underway.

Light Night Party at @crystalbridges #NWArk

To be there. MT @packers: It's 75 degrees tonight at Lambeau Field. #Packers kickoff just a few minutes away. #NOvsGB

Hang in there, summer.

Beautiful night for a ballgame.

Welp. MT @QuinnipiacPoll: @VP Runs Better Than Clinton Against Top GOP; Trump Lead Grows as Clinton Lead Shrinks

It's terrific. MT @Fulbrighthonors: #UARK19 students, you need to know how lucky you are! Check out @crystalbridges!

Honored to be a #BigWig for @KomenOzark in the fight against breast cancer. Learn more at .

Stopped by @Walgreens. There's a wall of cigarettes behind the clerk. Didn't @CVSHealth stop selling those things?